Easily step up to better WiFi at home


Are you struggling with getting everyone reliable WiFi access around your house?  Tired of sharing your “work from home” space with your kids’ “school from home” space?

It is time to upgrade to a MESH WiFi system to give you the reliability and flexibility you need.   

Mesh WiFi is different from traditional WiFi repeaters/extenders as MESH Access Points work together to provide the best WiFi connection possible across your entire home.  

Highlights of the Mesh WiFi system

  • Three access points to place around the house. 

  • Prioritize specific users’ devices to get the best WiFi performance all the time.

  • Parental controls.  You can set time of day limits for each family member by device.  For example you can have WiFi turn off at 9:00pm until 8:00am for some or all users.  Total flexibility.

  • Handles up to 100 Wireless devices.

  • Instruction and support provided via phone/ video-conference.

  • The hardware will be pre-configured – ready to plug in!

  • Just $329 for hardware and setup.


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